Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter (HVBF) is a complex filtration system designed to produce the highest dry solid content with a combination of media filtration and vacuum process.

The filter belt is driven by driving drum throughout a long path during which the sludge is evenly laid, washed, thickened and dried through a series of dewatering. First the sludge is reduced in water by means of gravity then eventually by vacuum drying by incorporating a system of vacuum pump.

A 1-metre width ROYTEC horizontal vacuum belt filter supplied to a tin smelter – bangka island

Due to the advanced utilisation of vacuum pump, certain sludge can be dewatered up to 85% solid content making HVBF one of the versatile equipment in the filtration/dewatering application. Various sludges can be dewatered through the use of HVBF, mining minerals are the feed materials for HVBF equipment.

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