Sundex Process Engineers


PT Ganesh has recently established a marketing partnership with one of the major Vegetable Oil Process Engineering Company, Sundex Process Engineers, India.

Sundex was founded in 1982 and has since focused in developing engineered process in the field of vegetable oil processing. Since its inception, Sundex has successfully commissioned more than 179 Greenfield Projects Globally with various scope of supply.

Project includes Design, Manufacture, Supply and upgrading of:

– Palm Oil Extraction and Refining Plant

– Corn and Rice Bran Oil Extraction and Refining Plant

– Soybean Oil and Cake Production Plant

– Poultry, Cattle and Fish Feed Plant

– Fractionation Plant

– Bakery Fats and Margarine Plants

– Fat Modification Plants

Sunflower oil extraction plant

Herbal extraction plant